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7th Annual ECoFi Symposium

Submission Guidelines


  1. An abstract between 200 to 250 words, clearly defining the subject and summarising the arguments to be presented in the proposed full paper.

  2. It must include 3-5 keywords.

  3. The abstract should include the background of study, objective, methodology, and the main results.

  4. Only papers written in English or Bahasa Melayu are accepted. For a Bahasa Melayu abstract, the equivalent of an English abstract must also be attached with it.

  5. The abstract must be typed, single spaced (1.0), using Times New Roman (normal style and font size 12) and in MS-Word.

  6. Must not include references, tables, figures, or quotations.

Full paper

  1. Please confine your paper to 10 pages, including the abstract, text body (Introduction, Theory, Methods, Findings, Discussion, Conclusions, and Implications), Tables, Figures, and References.

  2. No submission exceeding this limit will be considered.

  3. Full paper must be written in either English or Bahasa Melayu, typed using Times New Roman (normal style and font size 12) and in MS-Word. PDF and other formats are not accepted.

  4. Page size should be A4, single column with 2.5 cm margin on both sides with single line spacing.

  5. All pages of the manuscript (including Tables and Figures) should be numbered, and subheadings should be italicised (NOT Bold).

  6. Filenames should be saved as: “Author’s Name and Short Title of Paper”.doc or .docx.

The full template and format of the paper can be downloaded HERE.

All abstracts will be held in confidence during the review and selection process, and only the Symposium Chair and scientific committee will have access to them. The scientific committee has the prerogative to recommend changes to the abstract in order to ensure it addresses the symposium theme, and to suggest revisions to a paper in order to make it satisfy submission guidelines.


Review and Program Committees:



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